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  • Seats with adjustable backrest were measured at a backrest angle of 73 – 74°.
  • The seat height indicates the vertical height of the backrest from the top of the headrest to the top of the seat cushion. Seats with adjustable headrest: Minimum dimension with retracted headrest. Maximum dimension with fully extended headrest.
  • The seat width indicates the width of the seat cushion without side bolsters. This dimension was measured 12 cm in front of the bottom of the backrest.
  • The seat depth indicates the total horizontal length of the seat cushion (from the front of the cushion to the bottom of the backrest). Seats with extendable seat cushion: Minimum dimension with retracted seat cushion. Maximum dimension with fully extended seat cushion.

NOTES: FIA-Homologation 8855-1999

  • Dimensions in mm.
  • FIA homologation 8855-1999 only in combination with the associated sidemount.
  • The RECARO motorsport seats are made by hand to our highest quality standards. Due to this special manufacturing process, the lamination may in exceptional instances result in slight tolerances to the specified dimensions and weights.

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