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  • Dimensions in mm. All dimensions may vary by ±10 mm.
  • They do not take account of upholstery movement when the driver is seated, since this can vary a great deal. The comfort dimensions are measured on the upholstery and seams. Small deviations cannot be excluded.
  • The seat height indicates the vertical height of the backrest from the top of the headrest to the top of the seat cushion.
  • The seat width indicates the width of the seat cushion. This dimension is measured at the highest, forwardmost edge of the lateral center belt slot and can be up to 40 mm wider depending on how the seat cushions respond to the driver when seated.
  • The seat depth indicates the total horizontal length of the seat cushion (from the front of the cushion to the bottom of the backrest).


  • Dimensions in mm.
  • The dimensions of the racing seats RECARO Pole Position N.G. (FIA), Profi SPG, Profi SPG XL, Pro Racer SPG/SPA and Pro Racer SPG/SPA XL were determined in standard position (upper mounting point at front and lower mounting point at rear).
  • The dimensions of the RECARO P 1300 GT were determined in the rearmost position.
  • RECARO racing shells can be individually fitted into nearly all racing cars. Not permitted in the area of the StVO – excluding FIA/ASN licensed events.
  • FIA approval 8855-1999 and 8862-2009 (Advanced Racing Seat) apply only inconjunction with specified sidemount.
  • FIA homologation 8855-1999 only in combination with the associated sidemount for the following RECARO racing seats: RECARO Pole Position N.G. (FIA), Profi SPG, Profi SPG XL, Pro Racer SPG, Pro Racer SPG XL, Pro Racer SPA, Pro Racer SPA XL.
  • FIA homologation 8862-2009 (advanced racing seat) only in combination with the associated sidemount for the following RECARO racing seat: RECARO P 1300 GT.
  • The RECARO motorsport seats are made by hand to our highest quality standards. Due to this special manufacturing process, the lamination may in exceptional instances result in slight tolerances to the specified dimensions and weights.
  • RECARO P1300 GT LW and RECARO P 1300 GT: the sidemounts are geared in their design to a floor pan tilt of 8.5°. Depending on manufacturer and floor pan group, adaptations may be necessary when fitting (130 mm lengthways adjustment; angle of tilt variable by max. 3° during fitting).

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